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Alex Smith     

 Alex Smith is the writer of witty and harmonically inventive songs which not even the members of the band can understand. Luckily, he is available to play the incredibly complicated chords on his piano, and when he gets fed up, plays a mean blues harmonica as well. He sings, because he’s the only one who can remember the lyrics….


  Barry McNeese   

Grizzled veteran of more gigs and studio sessions than he would care to admit, Barry McNeese has played with anybody who is anybody. Rock solid, punchy and spot on time, this quietly-spoken, humorous, Kentucky-born bass player has toured the world. His only misfortune…to return to Brussels just as Al Smith was re-forming the line-up…..



  Jacky Coppens  

A chunky no-nonsense percussion freak from Charleroi, Conservatory-trained Jacky Coppens is one of Belgium’s premier drummers. No space to list his many credits, which include tours in Switzerland, France and Quebec and TV session work. He is really too young to play with About Time II, and only gets in on the basis of energy and talent…..


  Michel Castillano 

Michel Castillano, fresh from his finger-speed enhancing operation, figures large on the band’s live album. Basically, he is the bloke playing all the cool bits on guitar and what’s more he does it without the glitter boots and the trouser padding. He’s simply a bloody good guitar player…..


 John Makin  

Mystery special guest is Al Smith long-time friend and musical confidant, John Makin – on leave from his secret life as Mister John. Ostensibly on second guitar and third tambourine, his contribution to the overall About Time sound remains one of the great enigmas of modern music as we know it…

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